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If you think my FREE resources are helpful, you will just love what I have to tell you below! I have put every single confidence building resource I have ever created and bundled them up for you in an amazing package so..


Just imagine that you had lifetime access to ALL of my confidence building audio programs, articles, exercises, assessments and ebooks and that you could email me day or night for one on one confidence building advice...

What would this mean to you?


It means that you would be able to make

effortless conversation and small talk...

No more of those uncomfortable drawn out silences, no more of those embarrasing moments waiting for each other to say something, no more wracking your brains thinking of what to say while the other person is talking, no more of those times thinking that the other person thinks you're an idiot because you are not talking.


It means that you would be able to deliver confident, polished and entertaining presentations and public speeches...

You'll be able to control those nerves, you'll deliver your speech without the waffle, you'll be able to tell motivating and interesting stories, you will be able to make your audience laugh, you will be able to get your point across in a concise manner, you will be able to overcome those negative feelings of being made to look like a fool in front of all of those people, you will overcome your fear of failure and of making mistakes in front of others.

It means that you would feel good about yourself and have

no more doubts about your ability and your looks...

You will not be afraid to take risks anymore, you will feel more attractive and be more assertive, you will not be such a negative thinker as you once were, you will not worry about what others think of you, you will not get upset at what others say, you will develop a thinker skin and let things wash over you, you will overcome those negative self beliefs that have held you back.

It means that at last you would overcome your shyness and start living...

No more feeling like an outsider, no more wishing you could be with the "in-crowd", you will actually say what you want to say and feel comfortable saying it, you will be more outgoing, you will try things you have never tried before but always wanted to, you will be more popular with people and they will want to hang around you instead of the other way, you will have no problem whatsoever in saying NO to people, you will never ever again be treated like a doormat.

With ConfidenceWorld GOLD you will never have to buy or look for another

confidence building resource EVER AGAIN

Let me cut to the chase here....

Sign up to my CONFIDENCEWORLD GOLD package and make the one off lifetime membership payment and you will NEVER have to worry ever again about your confidence problems because as soon as you become a member it is MY duty and obligation to provide you with the very latest techniques,  methods, advice, strategies and step by step specific actions for you to take to overcome whatever your confidence problems are.

Just look at all of the SOLUTIONS that you will have at your disposal.

ALL of these can be yours within just 30 seconds from now:




  142 articles, exercises, ecourses and assessments

These are not just information articles, I offer you specific ADVICE

of what to do and how to do it - so there is no doubt!

You get unlimited lifetime access to my exclusive

confidence building library that contains:

  • 18 exercises on how to build your confidence so that -
    • you can be more outgoing whilst being natural at the same time
    • you realize just how good you are so you can stop beating yourself up
    • you feel more worthy of yourself and your talents
    • you can use words and vocabulary that will show others that you are a confident person even if you don't feel that way
    • you can handle setbacks in your stride rather than have them chip away at your self esteem - remove the self doubt
    • you can remove the "I'm not good enough" feelings you have about yourself
    • Plus much more!
  • 20 articles on how to build your confidence in the workplace so that -
    • you feel comfortable saying NO to managers, your boss and to when you get extra work that you can't really take on but you've always said YES to in the past
    • you can deliver confident presentations without the waffle or nerves
    • you can speak to your boss and your bosses boss and feel okay about it
    • you can speak up in meetings when otherwise you would have said little or nothing
    • you can take criticism or feedback from people at work without getting upset about it or feeling that you are not good enough
    • you can overcome the fear of making mistakes all of the time
    • you can deliver bad news to people without feeling uncomfortable and turning red
    • Plus much more!
  • 21 reports on how to build your confidence skills so that -
    • you can control those negative thinking demons in your mind that just hold you back all of time
    • you are not afraid of making mistakes and failing at anything that you do
    • you can handle any comments, jibes, gossip, negative putdowns or anything that anyone ever says about you
    • you know how to deal with colleagues, friends and family that just suck the confidence out of you
    • you can take control of those limiting self beliefs about what you can do and what you cannot do in your life
    • you know how to put across confident body language to everyone that you meet
    • Plus much more!
  • 13 reports on how to have confident relationships so that -
    • you can generate conversations and make small talk with anyone that you meet
    • you and your spouse have a confident and loving relationship built upon trust and valuing each other
    • you can talk to women or men and not feel uncomfortable
    • you can ask women or men out
    • you can be a caring and loving parent
    • you can give up the notion and the desire to be liked by everyone that you meet
    • Plus much more!
  • 23 specific action by action reports for certain situations so you can -
    • make a complaint without feeling embarrassed - know what to say and how to say it
    • get that promotion that you want
    • overcome your interview nerves and learn how to answer the questions on your big day
    • overcome your driving test nerves
    • make a wedding speech and have the guests in fits of laughter
    • have the confidence to overcome the hang up you have about your hair loss
    • have the confidence to overcome your weight problem that has been holding you back all of these years
    • have that super confidence so you can impress on that special date
    • Plus much more!
  • 10 articles and drills on how to mentally prepare for your sport so that -
    • you churn out consistent performances time after time after time
    • you can identify the triggers that set off a dip in your levels of confidence
    • you can work out how to get in "THE ZONE" at anytime
    • you can pinpoint weaknesses and vulnerability in the opposition
    • you can continually improve each and every performance
    • you overcome the fear of failure and you can really express yourself in your sport
    • you can develop a level of mental toughness to stand head and shoulders above the rest when the going gets tough
  • 6 reports on how to speak and be confident with your children and teenagers so that -
    • you give them the gift of confidence at a very early age
    • they do not have to go through the problems that have continually bugged you for years
    • you give them a head start on all of the other children in their class
    • they take the opportunities that are available to them right from the get go
    • they stay out of trouble and put trust in you to help them with their worries and problems
    • Plus much more
  • If you are enjoying my free confidence building ecourse that you are receiving by email you will just love another 5 ecourses that I have got for you as part of this package!

    You can take these at your leisure and all of these are online so you can work through them as quickly or as slowly as you want.

    5 ecourses

  • 9 part ecourse - Advanced communication skills - learn all of the tips and techniques to be a master communicator with everyone that you meet
  • 6 part ecourse - How to get what you want in life - learn how to plan out what you want in life and how to get it in 6 easy steps
  • 6 part ecourse - How to build your confidence - learn how to be the confident assured person you have always longed to become.
  • 4 part ecourse - How to manage your money effectively - learn how to confidently manage your money to maximum effect
  • 7 part ecourse - How to overcome your fears and phobias - from snakes through to your fear of flying, learn how to overcome what you fear the most


New articles are added to my confidence building

library EVERY MONTH. But you will not pay anything

else after you have paid the one off lifetime payment.


2 hours and 20 minutes


....and additional audio seminars

added to your package every month!


Hear me take you through how to improve your confidence in the following areas:

  • Public Speaking Master class

36 minute audio seminar

Learn what to do before, during and after presentations and talks to ensure your success and your confidence levels. Soon you will learn the techniques and strategies to develop and perform public speaking excellence and to keep your audience engaged and your nerves at bay!

  • How To Feel Good About Yourself

22 minute audio seminar

Let me take you through how to feel confident and assured all of the time. Learn how to feel positive about your skills and knowledge and how to get rid of the self doubt that you have about yourself.

  • Developing Confidence At Will

15 minute audio seminar

Learn how to call on your confidence at any time of the day or night. Learn how to feel confident with just 5 minutes notice!

  • Confident Communications!

15 minute audio seminar

If you find it difficult to be assertive and stick up for yourself, this audio seminar is for you. I will take you through how to say "NO" and mean it and also how to communicate your needs in an empowering way

  • How To Build Rapport With Everyone You Meet

30 minute audio seminar

Building rapport is such a crucial social skill but a very difficult one to master if you have low confidence levels. This need not be the case and you will learn the skills and knowledge to make effortless rapport during this 30 minute seminar with me. Soon you will be able to build rapport with anyone in any situation - it's easy when you know how!

  • How To Feel Confident At That Job Interview

20 minute audio seminar

Let me take you through how to feel confident and prepare for a job interview. How to answer the weakness questions and how to be in the right frame of mind to ace that interview and get that job!



"How To Make Great Conversation & Small Talk"

101 page ebook



Just look at what you will be able to do after you've got the ebook:

  • You will be able to make SMALL TALK with EVERYONE that you meet - they will think that you are an excellent communicator.
  • Learn the TOP 5 topics of conversation that people just LOVE talking about
  • You will be able to move your body with confidence after reading our sections on BODY LANGUAGE
  • Learn the 3 THINGS you need to do in order to FEEL CONFIDENT in an instant
  • You will know how to say NO in an assertive and firm manner - and feel comfortable doing it as well!
  • Learn 20 witty one liners and phrases to use
  • You will know what makes people tick and how they see the world just by listening to the language that they use
  • You will learn how to communicate to different types of people and to tailor your conversation to suit the person
  • Learn the 7 SECRETS to building effortless rapport
  • You will be able to COMPLAIN effectively and with confidence when you receive bad service instead of accepting it and wishing that you had done something about it afterwards
  • You will learn techniques and methods to give feedback to people - both good and bad.
  • You will be able to communicate effectively with everyone at work regardless of their level or status .
  • Discover techniques that will allow you to have the confidence to speak up in team meetings or with work colleagues?
  • You will be able to speak up in front of groups of people

Here are the specific chapters of the ebook:

Chapter 1

The secret to making conversation and small talk with anyone and at any time

Chapter 2

How to get people to talk to you?

Chapter 3

How to create a favourable first impression with everyone that you meet

Chapter 4

How to keep conversations going and how to control and steer the discussion

Chapter 5

Awesome one liners for you to use - people will just love you for these!

Chapter 6

Learn how to say NO and mean it - being assertive to the demands of others

Chapter 7

How to feel great in an INSTANT - learn how to flip a switch and feel confident at once

Chapter 8

How to complain effectively and get what you want - how to stand up for yourself

Chapter 9

How to give tough messages and feedback

Chapter 10

Advanced Communication Skills

Chapter 11

How to speak up at meetings - how to get those thoughts out in the open instead of remaining silent

Chapter 12

How to run meetings - how to chair and control meetings

Chapter 13

Public speaking techniques - how to speak up in front of others with confidence and style

Chapter 14

How to give winning presentations and be the envy of your peers



"7 Days To MEGA Confidence"

297 page ebook - ConfidenceWorld In An Ebook



12 Months Of UNLIMITED

email advice and consultancy direct

with Sean McPheat

Work through any of my articles, ebooks, audio seminars and reports and if you have got any questions whatsoever about your confidence worries and problems then please feel free to drop me an email anytime and I will personally reply to you with advice.

You can send me as many emails as you like as well.

Some people send me 10 emails per year others send me 1 per week - it's all up to you!

You might just want clarification about a certain technique or how to apply it to the specific problem that you have with your confidence or you might want some comprehensive coaching - the bottom line is this - I am here to help you, I am your safety net if you like, but it is up to you as to whether you use me or not.

What you will receive in return is personal advice, consultancy and help that is custom made to your specific situation.

I charge people up to $500 per month for email confidence mentoring but you can get it as part of the ConfidenceWorld GOLD upgrade package.

Better than RISK FREE

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try out and put into practice all of my advice, techniques, products and confidence building strategies and if you have not made significant, and I mean significant IMPROVEMENTS in your confidence within just 50 days, I simply do not deserve to keep your money - just send me an email and I will gladly refund 100% of your money with no questions asked and with no hassle and guess what? can keep all of the materials and STILL have a lifetime access to ALL of the confidence building materials apart from the email advice because that is worth $500 per month alone.

The only thing I ask of you in return is that you ACTUALLY act upon all of the material and what I tell you to do to improve your confidence. I am sure you would agree that it would not be fair for me to give you so much in this package and at such a fantastic price for you not to IMPLEMENT the techniques and strategies and then wonder why your confidence has not improved

and then ask for your money back.

So, if you are deadly seriously about improving your confidence and would like to take advantage of this unique set of products where all of the risk is on me, have a read of what some of our GOLD members have to say and then I will go through your ordering options:


"Before there were horrible silences that made me feel yucky ! Now, I can't stop talking!"

"I now know how to generate conversations and talk to anyone. Before there were horrible silences that made me feel yucky! Now, I can't stop talking! I like the fact that Sean is always there to answer any questions and doesn't just wait until you've bought the products and run"

JJ -



"Without doubt the BEST conversation and confidence building resource I have ever seen"

"This is without the doubt the BEST conversation generator and confidence building resource I have ever seen. I have read hundreds, if not thousands of self help books but none of them actually tell you the answers! Thanks to Sean and his team I have been able to feel good about myself and believe in my own ability - I'm actually not afraid to make mistakes anymore!"

Mr J.Carr - USA



"I never thought I would ever overcome my nerves

when speaking in front of groups"

"I was looking on the internet for free tips and advice on how to overcome my fear of giving presentations and speaking in front of people when I came across your site. Until I came across your material all of the information I came across just gave me information whereas yours gave me specific actions and advice - I think there is a BIG DIFFERENCE! GOLD is such an awesome product I cannot wait to visit the members area month to see what new materials you have added and I just cannot believe that I don't have to pay anything else for the rest of my life!"

Jeremy Wright -




"Your material is the easiest to understand"

"I've read books from Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins and Dr. Wayne Dyer... and your book is probably the easiest to understand. I can see just how things work out and do lead from one thing to another."
David Stoddard (Missouri - USA)



"People actually think I am quick witted now!"

"Sean, I bought your GOLD package 3 days ago and I love it! It has made such an impression on my life. I particularly love the witty one liners - I actually memorised most of these and i can now just call upon them when the subject or situation arises and people actually think I am quick witted now! However, the wife still needs convincing! Thanks again Sean - worth twice as much"

Nathan Carter - Yorks - UK

So, how much?

Well, with so many ongoing confidence building resources included within the GOLD package you would think that it would cost around the $5,000 mark, the same cost that a place on one of my seminars would pull.

And having conducted some market research before setting a price on the GOLD resources, out of 50 people that had access to and tested all of the materials for 60 days, 73% of them said that the package was worth in excess of $4,250.

That immediately got me thinking.

"How many people can afford $4,250?"

Not many was the answer!

And most of the people who attend my $5,000 a head seminar get their companies to pay as well!

I wanted ConfidenceWorld GOLD to be as AFFORDABLE as possible

Bottom Line?

My goal for ConfidenceWorld GOLD was to make all of the products you will EVER need to improve your confidence as affordable as possible.

And that is why I am currently offering a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to ConfidenceWorld GOLD for just a..

ONE OFF payment of





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By Credit Card Or PayPal


The only guarantee I cannot keep

Just imagine 12 months from now..

How many additional articles, ecourses and exercises will be added to the CONFIDENCEWORLD package?

How many audio programs will there be? Additional resources and so on?

There could be 250 articles, 23 online audio programs, 6 ebooks - the list is endless..

The only thing I cannot guarantee is HOW MUCH a lifetime subscription to CONFIDENCEWORLD GOLD will be in the future but what I CAN GUARANTEE is that if you $39 today that is ALL you will EVER pay for a lifetime of confidence.

So, my advice to you is order now before it is too late!




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All of our online credit card payment processing is conducted by WORLDPAY who are the world leaders in automated payment solutions.




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So, isn't it about time you sorted out your confidence problems once and for all?

Please enjoy all of my free resources that you will continue to receive and if you make the decision to become a GOLD member, I will welcome you to the club where the best come to get even better!

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you soon




Please don't forget my 100% money back guarantee!

All of the risk is on my shoulders and not yours! That's why you can ask for your money back during the first 50 days for a full, no questions asked refund - but I know that you won't!


I don't know whether you were aware but I was recently on Central News as a feature. I know you are aware about my CNN interview, but I don't think you are aware of this one. Anyhow, here a couple of pictures from the show!




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